Wedding?! // 6.28.2015

I shot my first wedding this weekend at The Madison in Morristown, New Jersey. What an experience. I think I was running on adrenaline all weekend, because I didn’t feel anything until it was over. There’s something really magical about knowing you’re documenting such a significant day in someone else’s life. I was pretty nervous about it leading up to the event, but I was too focused to worry about anything when the time actually came.

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Some of my favorites. It was a beautiful day. Congrats Lan and Song Song!

The rest of the photos can be found at:

I’m unsure if I would ever shoot weddings as a serious photographer, but we’ll see. :)

Wedding?! // 6.28.2015

6.12.15 // X100T Palos Verdes Test Shots and First Impressions

After 3 wonderful years of growing as a photographer with the original Fuji X100 at my hip, I finally decided that is was worth it to upgrade. I bought the X100 second-hand after being dissatisfied with the general shooting experience of DSLRs. I didn’t know what I was looking for at the time, but I realize now that what I needed was simplicity. I needed quiet and smooth functionality, not interchangeable lenses, zoom, flash guns, or 20+ megapixels. Of course, I do have some of these things now, but I consider those luxuries more for the purpose of commercial photography, not the core of why photography is so important and therapeutic for me.

Old X100!
Old X100!

The X100T is impressive. I just want to hold it all the time, and the buttons have a better tactile feel than the original. I have never held the intermediate X100S, but the improvement here is drastic coming from the X100. Everything about the camera seems more thought out– programmable buttons, 1/3 f stops, erase process, etc.



Probably should’ve taken pictures before I did my gaffer tape logo covering thing…



The actual shooting experience differs very little from the X100 in my opinion, except that it’s smoother, more streamlined, and the X-Trans sensor gives absolutely beautiful results. Coming from film rangefinders, the viewfinder on the X100 series has always been one of my favorite aspects of the camera.

This lens hood is kind of aesthetically questionable but it protects the lens nicely.
This lens hood is kind of aesthetically questionable but it protects the lens nicely.

I don’t know what else to say– I’m excited for the next however many years this thing will last (it’s built very solidly, so I’m optimistic). The X100 has been with me through absolutely everything, from Coachella and Thailand to storm chasing in Colorado. It’s still working wonderfully and I’m sure the next owner will appreciate it just as much as I did, but the near perfection achieved in the T iteration really itched at me.


The only complaint I have is how you can’t put a filter directly onto the lens without messing up macro mode, and the Android Fujifilm app really sucks and I can’t get the camera to connect…



In addition to the X100T, I also picked up the Instax Share Printer. Instant photography has always hit a very soft spot in my heart, and the direct compatibility with the camera made the combo quite enticing.


The printer works exactly as I expected, and was also a lot easier to set-up and connect than I thought it would be. That app actually works.

The prints are not very detailed, but the vibes are real and I always appreciate physical prints.


I know the photos taken here probably were not of the highest quality, but I’ve only had the camera for two days, okay?! Definitely excited for the shots that this little one will be producing in the future.

6.12.15 // X100T Palos Verdes Test Shots and First Impressions