Biogon and Birthdays // 5.5.15

I turned 20 yesterday! Which means it’s been approximately 5 years since I started gaining a legitimate interest in photography.


My mom got me the Biogon 28 f/2.8 for my Contax G1, which has won my heart over after my Peru trip (yes, that’s a Ben Howard record in the back–shoutout to Jessie and Shraman). I liked the Planar 45 f/2 a lot, but normal/wide angle has always been my style (ie. X100, Sigma 35). I’m super excited to shoot with it! I will be going to Ireland after finals to visit my family, which will probably be a perfect opportunity to test it out.


Also tested out a double exposure with the Land 450 +FP100c. Yay, bathroom selfies! I don’t know how to not feel self-conscious when carrying that camera around, but I guess I’ll get used to it at some point…

In other news–I found an Olympus Infinity Stylus: Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetFree camera! I’ve heard some nice things about this one,  so I’m currently testing it out with a roll of Arista 400. I hope I’ll have time to develop it sometime this weekend!

Happy Cinco de Mayo y’all.

Biogon and Birthdays // 5.5.15

Ring Delivery // 4.22.15

As sophomore year draws to a gradual close, we finally arrived at a day a lot of MIT students have eager awaited. I have no idea if the previous sentence is grammatically correct…but anyway…Ring delivery! Apparently super exciting because we can all now be Tony Stark.

We had our event at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, which was a beautiful venue. Photography wise, this was the first time I have used my X100 since January, which is slightly sad. I didn’t want to be weighed down with the 6D, but I wanted to take some nice pictures. The fill flash from the X100 was super useful, although a lot of red eye resulted from it. Not too bad, overall!

DSCF8594 DSCF8601 DSCF8603 DSCF8659DSCF8694DSCF8686 DSCF8719

I thought it might be slightly odd if I posted random pictures of other people…so I’m in all of these and technically took none of them…but it’s okay….

All for this little piece of metal:


Ring Delivery // 4.22.15