Does anyone want a (free) film rangefinder? // 7.29.15

I’m in the process of cleaning by room and donating a lot of my things that I don’t use as often as I’d like. I’ve never even contemplated selling or donating any of my camera collection, but I’m starting to think some of them can go to better homes.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this blog, how nice it is to have people follow my journey and know that at least a few people out there appreciate the photos I post up every now and then. I always wonder what kind of people my readers are, and whether they’re interested in film photography themselves.

So I’m putting those two things together. I have a Minolta Hi-Matic E and a Minolta 7s. I bought both of these cameras on eBay back in the day. Both are wonderful cameras that I used to use before I got very comfortable with my Olympus XA and Contax G1. Now, they don’t really get used anymore. But the last time I used them, they were both in working condition (Some tinkering may be required). I want to encourage people to shoot film or at least give 35mm rangefinders a shot.

If any of you reading this are interested in either of these cameras, post a quick comment about your background or interest in film photography, and I’ll them to someone as long as I know they will be put to good use (and maybe pitch in a few bucks to help me pay for shipping?).

Does anyone want a (free) film rangefinder? // 7.29.15

New55 Monobath, Rolleicord Revival, and HP5 // 7.17.2015

Developing film is so exciting for me. It’s like uploading images onto Lightroom, except you get to mix things and play with funny smelling chemicals and be in really dark places.

That doesn’t sound so exciting typed out…

Anyway, I’m home for the summer which is awesome, but that means I’m without my easily accessible darkroom chemicals. I used to have a full set of black and white developing things at home, but I figured rebuilding that wasn’t practical since I’m only home until August. I recently came across monobaths on New55, which is a one-step developing formula similar to that found in instant film. I was super, super curious, so I decided to get a liter of it and try it out.

My first roll failed miserably, which is kind of sad because those were photos from Ireland. I was using my Rollei 35, which doesn’t have a working meter. I’m guessing the photos were not properly exposed in the first place, because a few frames came out okay, but most of them were blank.

So I brought my Rolleicord back out to play with some medium format Ilford HP5 Plus.



Oh hello there, beautiful. Long time no see.

rolleicord-9923 rolleicord-9926 rolleicord-9927 rolleicord-9928

Load up!


The bottle of R3 Monobath Developer from New55.


Warming the bottle to 80 degrees F.

rolleicord-9911 rolleicord-9912

Here goes!


6 minutes… long….. Just kidding.

DID IT WORK?? Basically, yes. The part of the roll in the center of the reel did not come out well. I’m not sure if this is due to the proximity of the film at the center and the chemicals aren’t able to work properly there, or if it was exposure issues (the Rolleicord also doesn’t have a meter. I used a handheld meter, but possibly messed something up.) Agitation is not recommended, so I might try developing in a tray next time.

Not very well scanned, either, but you get the idea!


Unintentional double exposure.


Ayyyyy hello.

pans trip x100

Monobaths are simple and fast and I think it’s an easy way to try out developing. It’s still a bit experimental, so I’m looking forward to trying out a few more rolls. I miss medium format.

Have a good weekend!

New55 Monobath, Rolleicord Revival, and HP5 // 7.17.2015