Bike Adventures // 9.17.14

I got a new bike last week! Scattante Americano from Performance Bikes… it’s super cheap for what it is. I had to put it together which was an experience, but I was a bit scared to try it out in case I missed a screw or something ahhaha. Anyway, today was the first time riding it. It is little unstable compared to what I’m used to, but fun nonetheless. Such a beautiful day in Boston. :)



IMG_6623IMG_6589 IMG_6590 IMG_6594IMG_6597  IMG_6603 IMG_6666

Yay! It’s so pretty… hopefully I can keep it that way through the terrible winter.

Boston Calling // 9.7.14




Essentially went for the 1975, but saw The War on Drugs and Lake Street Dive before that. 1975 was a lot of fun but definitely not the best live performers I’ve seen. Lots of crazy teenage girls obsessing over drunk Matt Healy. 

Still a lot of fun! Wish I could have stayed for Nas x The Roots but my feet were killing me and it’s been an incredibly long weekend. Plus psets…. 

Boston Calling // 9.6.14

I think I go to too many music things.


Today was my first time at Boston Calling! I really wanted to go last year (that lineup…), but I was a freshman and I didn’t want to just disappear for an entire weekend on the first week of class and I also didn’t know anyone who liked the same music as me yet. 

Yay for frands! 


We actually went for the entire day which was terribly exhausting because it was like 90 degrees and humid. 

First up was St. Nothing. Hadn’t heard much of their stuff before going but I really really enjoyed their set. Definitely look out for them in the future.

Clifflight. I honestly didn’t remember much of this set so….DSCF4760 

S. Carey!! I was quite excited for this one but I think he fell a bit short. Songs were a bit repetitive and boring. I enjoyed hearing Fire-scene live, though.  DSCF4765


BLEACHERS. Definitely my second favorite set of the day. They had so much energy and I couldn’t help but go a little crazy with them. AND THEY PLAYED WAKE ME which is my favorite song by them. So good. DSCF4774 
And then a huge thunderstorm struck and we had to evacuate the City Plaza until it cleared up. We ended up hiding out in a Staples and running back to the festival when it reopened. DSCF4785


Volcano Choir and Girl Talk didn’t get to perform which was pretty disappointing, but Lorde killed it. She was just unreal. I also took way too many pictures of her. But seriously, unreal. 









Childish Gambino basically started the moment Lorde ended so there was a lot of pushing involved to get to the other stage…. Didn’t get good spots at all, but it was still a lot of fun. And painful because standing for 11 hours isn’t the greatest thing. DSCF4906


espite all the weather chaos and misfortune, Boston Calling was really fun and I’m glad I got to experience this before classes really begin to kick up. Going again tomorrow! 


Olympus Trip 35 // 9.1.14

 Yay more time for me to talk about another one of the ridiculous number of cameras that I own….

This is probably one of my favorite cameras in existence. DSCF0002

This is the Olympus Trip 35, a scale-focus 35mm film camera that was produced from the 1960’s to 1980’s. It has a 40mm f/2.8 lens and it’s powered by a selenium light meter. This thing was designed 50 years ago and it is SOLAR POWERED. I have two Trips, but the first one had some problems with the lens. I took it apart and attempted to fix it. I learned a lot about the structure of lenses and how camera shutters work, but it was beyond repair. I loved the camera though, so I got another. I didn’t like the black covering that much so I replaced it with leather from Aki-Asahi.  This camera, along with my Rolleicord and Olympus XA, are one of the reasons I still shoot film. This camera is beautiful because despite it’s simplicity, it can produce some incredible results. You never have to worry about batteries, focusing is simple because there’s only 4 options, and it’s built like a brick (without being too heavy to carry everywhere). Here are some sample test shots. The black and white photos were developed at home back when I still did that… trip059



trip062The Trip is definitely a camera worth keeping around even with all the modern camera technology. 




Bustin Longboard Painting // 8.30.14

Not exactly photography related, but I thought it might be cool to share. 

I bought a Bustin Cigar 31 in the beginning of last year for riding around campus. 

This is what it looked like originally: 

Pretty ugly. I sanded off the graphic and sprayed it matte black with Krylon spray paint near the end of last year, but I never got a chance to finish it. I don’t really know what inspired me (maybe my current obsession with black and gold), but I bought a gold sharpie paint pen and decided to wing it, basically. 

Black board and Google image inspiration:


Sketch of Totoro:






I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of the board, but I like triangles and geometric patterns so I kinda just winged it. It turned out significantly better than I ever expected it to!


Final result: