Quick Photography Guide // 11.21.2014


Sometimes I have a free Friday afternoon and I write photography guides.

I really wish I could say I’m cooler than that, but I’m not… I’ve actually wanted to do this for a while because I like making layouts and talking about photography (if that wasn’t obvious with this blog hehh) but yeah, I finally finished it!

It’s extremely basic and I don’t know how helpful it actually is, especially considering I don’t have a formal education in photography….but welp. Here it is!

Wen’s Quick Photography Guide

Definitely comment here and let me know what you think if you have a chance to check it out!

Friday Adventures // 11.7.14

Woop! Finally Friday. I only have class until 11 so I usually spend Friday afternoons in the darkroom or on some photo adventure. It’s starting to get cold here, so I wanted to get a last fall photo adventure in before everything freezes and I want to cry.

I went to an abandoned (I think?!) train track near the Longfellow Bridge.

IMG_7819 IMG_7821 IMG_7835 IMG_7846 IMG_7865 IMG_7869 IMG_7887