Fall Film // 11.2014

Expired Fuji Velvia 50 –Pentax ME

pentax037 pentax038 pentax039 pentax043 pentax045 pentax048 pentaxme013 pentaxme014 pentaxme018 pentaxme019

Fuji Provia 100 pushed to 400–Olympus XA

pentaxme020 xa022 xa024 xa025 xa026 xa029 xa033 xa034 xa035

Still working on perfecting my film development process and pushing/pulling properly…

In other news, finally home in California for an extended winter break. Planning on working on some portraits/nature stuff during this time. :)

Revisiting // 12.3.2014

Going through some old Evernote entries and found an excerpt from a college app.

My room at home is covered in photos. Walking in, my guests are bombarded by colorful 4×6’s containing significant moments of my life. As a photographer, my belief is that while composition, color balance, depth of field, and an interesting subject are compelling in a photo, capturing the life of a particular moment is the art of photography. The beauty of an instant is in its subtle importance, despite the little time it holds. To me, happiness is the glint in the eye of a student as a difficult subject clicks in his head. It is the hint of a smile on the mouth of a friend who has been crying for hours. It is the look that passes between two people who no longer need words to communicate.  These moments matter to me because they are honest. It is possible to maintain a convincing façade throughout one’s life, but it is not possible to cheat the moment. Sorrow, anger, joy, jealously, and excitement are all capable of slipping through the cracks between seconds.  I anchor myself to these moments because everything is exactly as it seems.  There is no need for interpretation or doubt. As I scan my memories, vivid moments of my past stand bright against the muted blur of the others. These are found in photographs, and whether in my head or on my wall, these moments define my memories and provide an anchor in the flutter of constant movement. The raw emotions of my life are not found in chaos, but in stillness.